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B.C.'s most endangered amphibians get new lease on life

Tuesday, June 25th 2019, 1:47 pm - Vancouver Aquarium steps in to help the endangered leopard frog

They may be the most endangered amphibian in British Columbia, but this week more than 1,600 northern leopard frog tadpoles found their way back into the wild with the help of the Vancouver Aquarium.

Back in the 1990s leopard frog numbers started to decline across the country and while they were able to recover in other provinces, their numbers continued to struggle in B.C. because it was difficult for the frogs to cross the Rockies. That is when the Vancouver Aquarium stepped in.

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They began breeding frogs to release back into the wild, and since 2013, they have returned more than 7,000 tadpoles to the wild.

While the aquarium continues to do its part, there are things we could do to help the leopard frog as well. Reporter Mia Gordon with some helpful tips in the video that leads this article.

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