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Lingering low continues to stream moisture into Atlantic Canada

Tuesday, April 6th 2021, 8:30 am - An unflinching blocking pattern has allowed for systems to stall over Atlantic Canada in recent days, and that trend will continue through mid-week with more rain and gloomy conditions.

Atlantic Canada is stuck in a stubborn blocking pattern, in close range of the final upper trough completing the omega block, which means rounds of rain, drizzle, cloudy and windy conditions for much of the week. Tuesday sees a few more showers, lasting into Wednesday in some places, but clearer skies and warmer temperatures are ahead for the Maritimes late week and the weekend, though skipping over Newfoundland, which still sees unsettled and cooler conditions last into the weekend. More on the timing, below.


  • Stalled low continues to bring wet conditions Tuesday and part of Wednesday in the Maritimes
  • Newfoundland unsettled and chilly into the weekend, though warmer inland
  • Maritimes see an improvement by late week, with mild temperatures returning


The Atlantic region is afflicted with what forecasters call an 'omega block,' where the jet stream flows up and over an area of high pressure in a horseshoe shape. High pressure serves to deflect low-pressure systems that bring storms, and presently, a retrograding low is all but stalled just off of the region.


That's meant a fair bit of rain, on top of the copious amounts of rain that fell over the weekend in parts of Nova Scotia. Temperatures are such that parts of that province dealt with a bout of freezing rain that left multiple outages Monday morning.

Looking ahead, there's still more rain to come Tuesday into Wednesday, though it won't be the same kind of deluge as the weekend produced, with several breaks in between.

atlrain (14)

Additional rainfall totals will generally be light, but parts of the Gaspe and northern Newfoundland that see continual onshore flow may pick up as much as 25 mm on Tuesday.

Elsewhere in the region, amounts will be considerably lower, with 5-15 mm in the forecast.

That blocking pattern will continue to bring occasional showers to Newfoundland due to persistent onshore flow. In all, much of the island is looking at a gloomy, wet week, with temperatures several degrees cooler than in the Maritimes at the coasts, though milder inland.


For the Maritimes, apart from some drizzle for part of Wednesday, a return of sunshine beckons for late week and the weekend, with near nor above-seasonal temperatures.


Be sure to check back for updates on the blocking pattern and unsettled days ahead for Atlantic Canada.

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