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Uber charges rider $600 after getting stuck on I-95 for hours

Friday, January 7th 2022, 2:49 pm - Uber reached out to the rider to apologize for the charge.

An Uber passenger who got stuck on Virginia's Interstate 95 earlier this week during a snowstorm was charged $600 for the experience, WTOP-FM reports

The company has issued a refund and apologized for the mistake.

Andrew Peters was heading home from San Francisco and unaware of the weather in Virginia when he hopped on an Uber at Dulles International Airport.

His Uber got stuck on the interstate. It took Peters nine hours to reach his home.

"It was kind of scary," he told the Associated Press.

"We didn't have any food or water."

Peters says he paid his driver $200, but Uber later added $400 to bring the total to $600 - a charge he disputed.


"We have refunded Mr. Peters after this terrible ordeal and are so glad that he and his Uber driver got home safely," Uber said in a statement. The company added the driver's pay would not be impacted.

Uber also reached out to Peters to apologize for the erroneous charge.


Between Monday and Tuesday, an 80-kilometre stretch of Interstate 95 in eastern Virginia became a virtual parking lot due to winter weather conditions, leaving some motorists stranded in their cars for more than 19 hours amid below-freezing temperatures.

The storm dropped more than 30 cm of snow in Virginia's Fredericksburg area, knocking out power to more than 400,000 customers.

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