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Elsa threatens flooding in Haiti, then eyes Florida early next week

Saturday, July 3rd 2021, 8:50 pm - Elsa weakened a bit on its approach to Hispaniola and Jamaica on Saturday, but it still packs a punch. Its next target is Cuba, then possibly a landfall in Florida early next week.

Hurricane warnings were in effect for Haiti and the Dominican Republic late Saturday, with people in Jamaica and Cuba bracing for impact, as Tropical Storm Elsa began impacting the islands of the Greater Antilles. The storm has already slammed southern Hispaniola as it passed to the south, and will produce flooding rains and strong winds over portions of the islands over the next couple of days as the storm races through the Caribbean. The system could reach Florida as a strong tropical storm early next week.


Though Elsa entered the Caribbean as a full-fledged Category 1 hurricane late last week, by Saturday morning the U.S. National Hurricane Center the storm had weakened to a strong tropical storm on Saturday morning. By the evening hours, Elsa boasted winds of about 115 km/h, and was moving west-northwest at around 37 km/h.

Elsa current

The storm is feeling the effects of its fast forward motion, which is making it hard for the thunderstorms to keep up with the centre of circulation at the surface.

Elsa’s path and speed are both the result of a large centre of high pressure parked over the western Atlantic Ocean. This high acts like a guardrail that prevents the storm from simply turning to the right and heading out into open waters.


The storm made a direct hit on the island of Barbados Friday, also bringing its torrential rains and powerful winds to other areas of the Lesser Antilles. On Saturday, its path brought it very near to southern Haiti and the Dominican Republic, and the system will then move into eastern Cuba on Sunday.

Elsa track

Regardless of its strength, the storm’s greatest hazard will be flash flooding and mudslides on the islands in Elsa's path.

Widespread rainfall totals of 100 mm are possible across parts of Hispaniola, Jamaica, and Cuba as Elsa passes through the area, with much higher totals possible in some communities. This much heavy rain falling in a short period of time could quickly lead to major flooding issues on these mountainous islands.

July 3 2021 AM Elsa Rainfall

Tropical Storm Elsa’s swift forward motion provides some good news to these islands, though, as it means the storm won’t linger and produce even higher rainfall totals.

Wind damage and coastal flooding are also possible during the peak of the storm’s strong winds.


The latest NHC forecast indicates that Elsa will reach Florida’s west coast as a tropical storm on Tuesday morning, and then move through coastal communities in the southeastern United States through mid-week.

However, the storm’s ragged structure and the mountainous terrain along its predicted path leave a looming question mark over Elsa’s impacts on Florida.

Elsa would have to survive the mountains of Hispaniola and Cuba before it reaches Florida. Mountains can make quick work of disrupting a tropical cyclone. It's certainly possible that the storm will make it across the Greater Antilles, though, and Florida should watch the system closely as we head into next week.

It’s also too early to say what effects, if any, the storm or its remnants will have on Atlantic Canada by the end of the week.

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