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Toronto pet owners warned after two dogs killed by coyotes in January

Thursday, January 28th 2021, 3:29 pm - Pets should be monitored at all times when outdoors, officials say.

Toronto authorities are advising residents who live near ravines, forests, and parks, to keep an eye on their pets after two dogs were killed by coyotes this month.

Winter sightings of coyotes are normal, the city says, and especially during January and February, which is their mating season.

"Coyotes are a natural part of the urban landscape in Toronto and an important part of the ecosystem, as they control rodent and rabbit populations," the city says in a press release.

"Coyotes thrive in urban areas because of the abundance of food and shelter available to them."

While they don't typically pose a threat to humans, it's not uncommon for them to injure or kill small pets.

To limit interactions, the city recommends the following:

  • Don't feed coyotes and don't leave human or pet food outside.
  • Properly dispose of garbage in public and at home.
  • If you encounter a coyote, do not run. Make noise to scare it away.
  • Never approach a coyote.
  • Never touch a coyote, even if it appears tame or is sick or injured.

Feeding coyotes is against city by-laws and residents who witness a person doing so are encouraged to call 311. Sightings can be reported to Toronto Animal Services at 416-338-PAWS (7297) or via email at

Thumbnail image courtesy: Magdha Ehlers/Pexels.

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