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Deadly tornado hits Quebec as severe storms strike Central Canada

Tuesday, June 22nd 2021, 5:53 am - A father of three in his 60s was confirmed to have died after a tornado swept through Mascouche, Que., Monday afternoon.

A tornado that hit Mascouche, Que., near Montreal, Monday caused damage and resulted in one death, confirmed by municipal officals.

Word came from the municipality that a father of three in his 60s perished in the storm just after 6 p.m. EDT Monday. Local fire members told CBC News that 75-100 homes were damaged by the tornado.

It was also reported the Canadian Red Cross is deploying teams to the community, where it is expecting to help 50-100 people displaced by the tornado. Anyone that was displaced by the tornado is expected to receive care over the next 72 hours from the organization, which would include food and lodging.

Environment Canada had said there was at least one tornado, based on supplied videos, but it is not clear how strong it was or what path it took. According to Hydro-Québec, more than 50,000 customers lost power.

Video of the twister quickly surfaced on social media Monday afternoon, prompting Environment Canada to issue tornado warnings, which were later dropped. Severe thunderstorms also popped up in eastern Ontario earlier Monday.

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Numerous photos showing the aftermath of the tornado were posted on social media by Dave Brown.

The severe storms were sparked ahead of a cold front that pushed through in the evening hours, prompting Environment Canada to issue warnings in both provinces. Tornadoes weren't the only threat associated with these storms, as torrential downpours, gusty winds and large hail were reported as well. The threat for severe thunderstorms subsided Monday evening.

Temperatures took a tumble Monday night in the wake of the cold front, with a gusty northwest wind picking up. On Tuesday, daytime highs will sit in the mid-to-upper teens, temperatures more typical of early May. Below-seasonal temperatures are expected to continue through Wednesday before warming up again later in the week.

Below is a selection of visuals of the tornado and severe thunderstorms that have surfaced on social media so far.


Thumbnail courtesy of Natasha Bates.

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