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Seasonal temperatures in Ontario before sweltering heat and storm risk returns

Monday, July 13th 2020, 9:10 pm - Ontario's week will have comfortable temperatures with risk of rain and thundershowers. The province heats up again as we get into Friday and the weekend.

The risk of rain subsides on Tuesday for most of Ontario. The risks of thunderstorms and extreme heat pick up again by Friday and will continue into the weekend. Southern Ontario may get temperatures back in the 30s with humidex values reaching 40°C in some spots. Details and timing, below.

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  • A drier, seasonal mid-week for most of Ontario
  • Intense heat to surge back in late week
  • Risk of thundershowers as the heat increases
  • Keep an eye on weather ALERTS in your area


Enjoyable balmy seasonal temperatures for most of Ontario on Tuesday. The risk of rain subsides for Tuesday and into Wednesday. The humidex adds a muggy air with temperatures feeling closer to 30°C.


There is a northwesterly flow coming from Lake Ontario that will keep non-severe storm threats for the eastern areas, though the risk will remain low and isolated.

As the week proceeds, the risk of storms increases but precise timing is still uncertain. Current predictions indicate that we can see some showers and thunderstorms starting Wednesday night or Thursday morning.


A building ridge of high pressure over the Great Lakes will once again bring the return of hotter temperatures late-week, reaching 30°C by Friday in many locales, with humidex values feeling in the high 30s, possibly reaching 40 in the southwest.


This impending surge of heat should be associated with more thunderstorms than what we have seen during the past few weeks, so at this point, it doesn’t look like drought will be as big of a concern as it was during the prolonged heat event that marked the early days of July.

The Weather Network meteorologist Tyler Hamilton says that the current drought conditions will be somewhat mitigated over the next 7-10 days due to the upper-level pattern in the atmosphere bringing moisture to Ontario.

Stay tuned to The Weather Network as we continue to update the forecast.

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