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This popular travel destination is the deadliest state for lightning strikes

Friday, July 3rd 2020, 11:44 am - Florida is surrounded by the perfect environment to create wild storms throughout the summer. It's also an incredibly populous area, which gives it the ranking as the deadliest state for lightning strikes.

Florida is the land of sunshine, amusement parks, and extreme storms. But not even Disney World can capture the spectacles that light up the state's skies during the summer months.

During the heat of July and August, Floridians can see some of the most incredible light shows, but because of the area's dense population, it ranks as the deadliest state for lightning strikes.

Since 2001, the Lightning Safety Council has been working to promote lightning awareness and safety. Efforts ramped up in 2011 when 18 boys in Uganda died while taking shelter from lightning.

The lightning council has been successful in reducing the number of lightning-related deaths, but Florida is still number 1 in the category.

Florida is only fourth as far as the overall frequency of lightning strikes, behind Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. But because Florida is packed with Harry Potter, Disney, Golf, and overall outdoor fun fans, lightning becomes more dangerous to its population.

As we head into 2020's stormiest season, there has been one lightning-related fatality in Florida. The victim was a 41-year-old man from Port Saint Lucie. This abides by the strange statistic that males are at much higher risk for lightning fatalities.

According to the Lightning Safety Council, men are almost four times more likely to die from a lightning strike than women. In the last decade, there have been 263 fatalities from lightning, and 204 of them have been men. Lightning surely doesn't have sex-bias, so please let your minds wander and fill in the sociological blank as to why this disparity occurs.

According to National Weather Service, central Florida is the most dangerous area for lightning strikes. This is due to the opposing sea breezes from the East Coast and Gulf Coast. The northeast and southwest winds collide right over the central region. And the water that surrounds Florida is warmest in July, making it the most dangerous month for storms and lightning strikes.

There's no doubt about it, lightning is darn right cool. Science gets pretty fancy as it lights up the sky with unique bolts of electricity. In order to stay safe during lightning storms, check out these Lightning safety tips: What you need to know to stay safe.

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