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This northern city in Ontario could be Canada's hot spot this weekend

Wednesday, May 20th 2020, 9:03 pm - Temperatures are climbing above seasonal in Ontario and this northern city will be close to reaching 30°C this weekend.

The warmest spot in Canada this weekend will be in Ontario, but this northern city that will see warmer temperatures than those along the Great Lakes will probably surprise you.

High pressure will move over the province, which will bring consecutive days of balmy temperatures and dry conditions. The Weather Network meteorologist Tyler Hamilton says that this “dirty high pressure system” won’t be entirely free of precipitation since it carries embedded disturbances within and could bring some cloudier conditions and scattered showers at times.

Despite the chance for some overcast skies this weekend, temperatures will climb above seasonal and Moosonee is looking like it could be the warmest city not only in Ontario, but in the entire country.

Lake breezes will keep temperatures in southern Ontario between the low to mid 20s, but without the winds from the Great Lakes, Moosonee is currently looking like it will climb to 28°C on Sunday.

While there is a slight temperature contrast between northern and southern Ontario, conditions in the east are much more summer-like than the weather Alberta will see at the end of this week.


Temperatures will be roughly 10 degrees below seasonal across southern Alberta and a low pressure system will bring widespread snow throughout the foothills on Friday.

There is even the chance that the snow could reach regions just west of Calgary and Edmonton, although it will be too warm for the snow to accumulate in lower elevations.

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