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This fall frost pattern doesn't make any sense, Canada

Tuesday, October 27th 2020, 7:00 am - For the second year in a row, Victoria has out-frosted Montreal, a city that is more accustomed to the cold in October.

One of the warmest Canadian cities has done it again: Out-frosting a city known for cold -- Montreal.

Victoria has pulled off another stunning upset, defeating the City of Montreal for the first frost two years in a row.

Both Vancouver and Victoria have already seen overnight lows below freezing in fall 2020, a few weeks ahead of schedule. In a typical year, both cities tend to see their first sub-zero temperatures during the first couple of weeks in November.

Victoria has only ‘out-frosted’ Montreal a total of six times. But, it gets weird since half of these have now occurred since 2017, while pursuing the 80-year climate record. When looking at the climate record, Montreal typically records the first freeze during the first couple of weeks of October -- more than fashionably late at this point.

Vancouver out-chilling

2019 saw a cold snap sweep across the South Coast of B.C. at the end of October, as well, but the temperatures are much colder this go-around.

The magnitude of Vancouver's chill sticks out, especially when compared to Eastern Canada. In a rare feat, it's been colder along the Pacific Ocean than the heart of northeastern Ontario.

Vancouver recorded its coldest October high temperature in nearly three decades, hitting a rather chilly 6.3°C.

Classically, it was much colder inland and near the mighty Rocky Mountains. Subsequently, the temperature fell to a miraculously low -29.3°C at Waterton Park, Alberta. It's likely one of the coldest temperatures on record that far south in Canada in October.

As we track some cold air moving further east, likely Toronto and Montreal will inevitably plunge below the freezing mark, potentially as early as Friday.


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