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October 25, 2012 - Hurricane Sandy at its strongest

Sunday, October 25th 2020, 6:04 am - Hurricane Sandy impacted eight countries, caused 233 deaths, and cost US$70 billion.

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On October 25, 2012, Hurricane Sandy reached its peak. The storm, which was the largest of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season, began developing in the Caribbean Sea on October 22nd.

Sandy developed into a hurricane and made its first landfall near Kingston, Jamaica. Already making its way through populous areas, the storm continued to pick up steam and made landfall over Cuba, Haiti, and the Bahamas. At this point, Sandy was at a Category 2.

Of course, Sandy did not stop there. Even though the storm reduced to a Category 1 before making landfall on the United States, the impact was huge.

Hurricane Sandy was also known as Superstorm Sandy, as it claimed 233 lives and cost US$70 billion.

To learn more about this unforgettable storm, listen to today's episode of "This Day In Weather History."

"This Day In Weather History” is a daily podcast by The Weather Network that features unique and informative stories from host Chris Mei.

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