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August 15, 1997 - Grey County Camp-Ground-ED

Saturday, August 15th 2020, 6:00 am - On August 15, 1997, a tornado tore through Grey County, a cottage town around two hours north of Toronto.

On August 15th, 1997, a tornado spanning 21km long and 200m wide started its path of destruction near a town called Desboro.

The tornado had a devastating impact for the area, including the Dietrich family. Rob Howard, and Ken Osborne.

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The Dietrich family were able to hide in their cellar as their farmhouse was destroyed, but Howard and Osborne had a much different experience. Listen to the "This Day in Weather History" podcast to hear more about the impact of this 1997 Ontario tornado.

“This Day In Weather History” is a daily podcast by The Weather Network that features unique and informative stories from host Chris Mei. Click here to listen and subscribe!

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