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There's a beautiful story behind this photo

Friday, July 5th 2019, 4:39 pm - The Weather Network has an incredible photo gallery that's populated with incredible images sent in by our viewers.

When Peter Prevost submitted a series of stunning eagle photos, we wanted to know more.

He says he met the eagle, which he named Percy, when he moved from Vancouver to Vancouver Island.


"The second day I was there, I looked up in a big tree ... and there was this big eagle," he recalls.

"I was stunned because I'd never seen an eagle that [close up]."

UGC - Peter Provost2 - Percy the eagle

Every day at the same time, Percy would return to the same tree.

Provost believes Percy likes the tree because it's near the ocean, and tall enough to give him a good view of his surroundings.

UGC - Peter Provost3 - Percy the eagle

Over the next few months, Provost was able to capture some stunning footage of Percy.

He set up a motion detector camera nearby so he would never miss a visit.

All photos courtesy of Peter Provost.


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