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The best responses to the #Trashtag challenge

Friday, March 15th 2019, 5:51 pm - The #Trashtag challenge is encouraging people to clean-up public spaces.

There are dozens of challenges circulating social media at any given time and they're typically self-serving.

But the #trashtag challenge is one that's worth indulging.

The concept is simple: Share your before and after photos of litter clean-ups of parks, beaches and other pub lic spaces.

The challenge is nothing new: According to PetaPixel, it was introduced in 2015 by Teton Gravity Research. It didn't start gaining popularity though, until this month.

Here's the post that apparently got things started:

FACEBOOK trashchallenge byron romain

Courtesy: [Byron Román/Facebook](

Here are some of the best responses to the #trashtag challenge.

Embedded content:

This beach was cleaned by a small team of voluntters in Mumbai, India. over a three-year period. Sources: Reddit/CNN

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*Source* / Location unknown

*Source* / Location unknown

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*Source* / Location: Manila, Philippines

Embedded content:

*Source* / Location: Melbourne, Australia

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