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This marriage proposal had a 'shocking' twist

Monday, September 12th 2022, 11:30 am - Mother Nature created the perfect backdrop for these gorgeous engagement photos.

A marriage proposal in B.C. became a career highlight for one Kelowna photographer who captured this electric moment.

"I love shooting in the rain, it's another element of fun," Danika Camba tells The Weather Network. Ailsa, the girlfriend, thought it was a couples session. She didn't think anything of it until she noticed her family and friends were at the lookout point.

liam and ailsa propoosal previews-17

"And they're not from around here, so she was shocked to see them."

Ailsa then turned around and saw Liam on his knees with a ring.

liam and ailsa propoosal previews-7

When she said yes and pulled him in for a hug, the magic happened.

"Lightning struck, and thunder went off," Camba says. She was so occupied with the shoot that she wasn't even sure she'd captured the lightning until reviewing the footage after the fact.

liam and ailsa propoosal previews-13

liam and ailsa propoosal previews-13

The group then headed to downtown Kelowna for a few more shots, only to be greeted by a rainbow and vibrant sunset.

liam and ailsa propoosal previews-22

There was also a certain magic floating around that was felt by everyone.

liam and ailsa propoosal previews-29

Danika says there was "literally electricity in the air." Everyone's hair was standing up, similar to the effect you get when you rub a balloon on your head.

"That was pretty funny to see," she says.

All photos courtesy of Danika Camba.

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