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The lizard species taking over Vancouver Island is a cause for concern

Monday, October 18th 2021, 11:04 am - I spoke with a curator from the Royal BC Museum about the common wall lizards that are taking over Vancouver Island.

These little lizards may look harmless - and maybe even cute to some, but the truth is: they are taking over Vancouver Island.

Gavin Hanke is the Royal BC Museum curator of vrtebrate zoology and has been worried about the growing wall lizard population for some time now. But it wasn't until recently, as they migrated from the island to the mainland, where people started to take notice.

Hanke says they are trying to eradicate them in areas like Pender and Denman Island, where their populations are still small.

But on Vancouver Island, there are simply too many lizards, so experts are asking the public to help identify their locations.

Before reporting a lizard, he suggests uploading pictures to the iNaturalist app to ensure you have the right species.

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