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Drowning, BBQs, and burns: Stay protected from these common summer hazards

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Tuesday, July 27th 2021, 7:05 am - The likelihood of getting hurt is at its highest in the summer months. The Weather Network's Rachel Shoutsen has more on these common summer hazards and how to stay protected.

The sizzle of the summer sometimes sparks some worry among Canadians! Stats Canada recorded injuries through the year and found the likelihood of getting hurt was highest in the summer.

Watch the video above as Rachel checks in with the experts!

You'll learn about the "food danger zone" when it comes to rapid bacteria growth in the heat, the most common time for drowning in Canada and where it likely occurs, as well as a deeper look into the unexpected burns you could experience this season.

Knowing the risks and being prepared will allow any Canadian to make the most of their time in the sunshine.

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