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Impressive visuals show weather in action after major storm

Wednesday, December 4th 2019, 6:10 pm - Heavy snow over parts of the U.S. Northeast made for some pretty pictures this week

The system that brought widespread ice to parts of southern Ontario last weekend painted a slightly different path across the northeastern United States. Snowfall across Upstate New York surged into the record books, with Albany seeing its 8th biggest snowstorm on record as nearly two feet (61 cm) of snow fell over three days.

An active storm track for eastern Canada also favours winter storms in the U.S. Northeast, particularly when it brings a series of Colorado lows up across the Midwest and Great Lakes.

As the centre of the low moved offshore on December 3, the departing clouds left a sharp line near Boston. This 'back edge' of the cloud deck generally shows where cold air is moving in behind the cold front, as higher pressure and clear skies move in.


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