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Strange days: Southern Ontario creek turns blood-red

Wednesday, March 25th 2020, 12:17 pm - We're living in strange times, and signs of that are everywhere even, apparently, in some creeks.

Southern Ontario's Etobicoke Creek turned bright red Tuesday after 400 litres of ink spilled into the water.

The Ministry of the Environment and Conservation and Parks were deployed to the scene for a clean-up.

Video of the creek was posted on Twitter, which prompted several religious references, given the sighting occurred two weeks ahead of Passover, a Jewish holiday that references the ten plagues.

"It looks like blood," one Twitter user said.

"If it starts raining frogs, then I'm out," joked another.

The Weather Network has reached out to the Ministry of the Environment for additional information.

So far, the party involved has not been named.

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