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Storm Hunters: Beyond the chase

Wednesday, July 15th 2020, 2:45 pm - When there’s a thunderstorm on the Plains, Prairies or even the outskirts of a city, there’s most likely a storm chaser under it.

Are you fascinated by severe weather, or have ever had the urge to jump in the car and go storm chasing?

Suddenly dropping everything to track and capture intense storms isn’t the typical activity most of us partake in, but it is just another day at (or should we say, out of) the office for our crew of TWN storm chasers.

From thunderstorms to hurricanes, severe summer storm season is in full swing and these experts have seen it all.

We recently sat down with TWN meteorologist and Storm Hunter Mark Robinson, TWN meteorologist and Storm Hunter Jaclyn Whittal, adventurer and Storm Hunter George Kourounis and TWN Calgary video journalist and storm chaser Kyle Brittain to learn more about storm chasing and how things have changed during COVID-19.

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