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Spring snow coats Newfoundland as we hit mid-April mark

Thursday, April 15th 2021, 10:00 am - April snow coating catches some in Newfoundland off guard early Thursday.

There was a social media flurry early Thursday, as a coating of spring snow surprised residents across Newfoundland.

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Some were reaching out to ask who else has put their winter shovels and scrapers away, or perhaps have already swapped out the winter tires as we've officially hit the mid-April mark.

"This is my fault," read a tweet from resident Gordon Little. "I BBQ'ed yesterday and angered the #nlwx gods."

While it may seem surprising, especially after a stretch of rainy and more spring-like conditions as of late, we can't necessarily blame those early barbecuers for this white dusting. Thursday's coating of snow came courtesy of a swath of moisture and cool temperatures provided by onshore flow.

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"When the wind comes in off the north Atlantic, it often delievers a shallow layer of mositure that can set the stage for prolonged fog, drizzle, and cloudy skies," explains Michael Carter, a meteorologist at The Weather Network. "If the moist layer is just a bit deeper, as was the case today, clouds can grow tall enough to reach colder layers of the atmosphere, which reach the proper temperature to produce snowflakes."


The chances for snow flurries aren't over either, as the onshore flow persists into Friday, before winds begin to shift in advance of the next weekend system.

Like it or not, Atlantic Canada is really no stranger to springtime flakes, as many parts of the Maritimes and Newfoundland see between 15 to 25+ centimeteres of snowfall in a typical April.


Here's a look at the spring snow reactions across Twitter early Thursday morning:


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