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Smoke, rain, and wind: Mother Nature throwing it all at cyclists this week

Monday, July 26th 2021, 6:37 pm - There's two fronts to track this week that could possibly interrupt your riding conditions, but with a little planning, still some good opportunities for cyclists in the GTA.

Smoke. Smog. Sultry. This was last week’s forecast and it applies to Monday. Lingering wildfire smoke once again is pestering the region, but not expecting it to last for days on end. Two fronts to track this week, but if you’re a little digilent, there’s plenty of riding time to be had.


  • Humid and hazy, and potentially very isolated thunderstorms targeting the eastern GTA
  • Poor air quality is likely with wildfire smoke mixing to the surface - this could be potentially dangerous for some to ride in poor air quality

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  • Get your riding in super early to avoid the showers
  • Winds expected to be generally light and below 20 km/h
  • It’ll still feel quite sticky, but you might be able to catch a ride in later into the early evening if you’re diligent with the radar - bring waterproof gear if commuting



  • Somewhat of a phantom cold front, it didn’t do much to cool temperatures, mid-20s with the humidex spilling into the low 30s. A touch warm for some, but honestly a pretty beauty day for getting some kilometres on the bike


  • Another case of riding early to avoid the showers, before 8 am. Watching a system moving in from the northwest, it’s associated with a cold front, but I bet we dry out after dinner with gusty winds developing (up to 50 km/h)
  • The addition of the stronger winds makes this one of the least favourable days to ride this week



  • Mostly sunny, temperatures in the low 20s, likely an excellent riding day with low humidity with a northwest flow aloft, but winds will still be a major factor
  • Tracking some gusts up to 50 km/h - but this cold front zapped all traces of humidity from the environment

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