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What type of raised garden bed is best for your yard?

Monday, April 4th 2022, 12:30 pm - Home vegetable gardens have grown in popularity over the last couple of years. Here’s a selection of raised garden beds that will yield plentiful plants in any outdoor space that gets at least eight hours of full sun each day.

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Markus Spiske, Pexels, Raised garden beds

Photo: Markus Spiske/Pexels

Gardeners everywhere are harvesting the benefits of raised vegetable beds. They allow you to garden anywhere, grow more food in less space, plant earlier in the season, manage pests easier, pull fewer weeds because of the density of the plants, and cause less back pain from bending or kneeling in a traditional garden. This list provides you with the top customer-reviewed beds available on to suit your outdoor space.

Wooden Elevated Vegetable Planter Kit

Amazon, Wooden Planter, CANVA, Raised garden beds


This is the quintessential raised garden bed made from natural fir wood, which will weather the elements well. You can start with one, or add several depending on how many vegetable varieties you are planning to grow. The open bottom design provides a better growing capability for plants with long roots. Online reviews indicate it’s easy to assemble, and reasonably priced as an option for deep-rooted plants, but some customers suggest treating the wood for extra durability before setting up the bed.

What we like:

  • Suitable for a backyard with ample space, but could fit onto a deck or patio for plants with shallow roots
  • Measures 97x25x10 inches with two frames for classifying different plant types
  • Rated 4.2 out of 5 based on nearly 800 reviews

Ohuhu Metal Raised Garden Bed for Vegetables

Amazon, Metal Garden Bed, CANVA, Raised garden beds


You can literally put the petal to the metal if you opt for this rustproof and weather-resistant garden bed. It also features an open bottom design for optimal growing potential, plus that allows for your crops to never get waterlogged. This option also comes with gloves to protect your hands during installation and extra screws for a smooth setup. When compared to other galvanized beds, the Ohuhu design comes with fixed cross-poles to maintain a sturdy and durable shape.

What we like:

  • Made of thick galvanized steel with environmental baking varnish, safe for your soil
  • Measures 8x3x1 feet and holds up to 18 cubic feet of soil
  • Rated 4.6 out of 5 based on more than 200 reviews

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NuVue Products Raised 48 by 48 by 15.5-inch Garden Box Kit

Amazon, White Planter, CANVA, Raised garden beds


If you’re looking for a garden bed to fit into a sophisticated backyard, this white vinyl option is an excellent choice. It’s not only easy to assemble with a snap into place system, but the UV-resistant vinyl will not rust or rot and you can wipe it down year after year to keep it looking new. This garden bed also has an open bottom design like the ones previously listed. Customers say that while multiple beds don’t connect, they look nice placed side by side to create bigger gardens.

What we like:

  • A stylish option for designer backyards
  • Measures 48x48x15.5 inches with no tools required for assembly
  • Rated 4.1 out of 5 based on more than 550 reviews

Jumbl Raised Canadian Cedar Garden Bed

Amazon, Garden Bed with Legs, CANVA, Raised garden beds


A fully upright style of garden bed is an ideal choice for people with bad backs, muscle strains, and other ailments that prevent them from bending over or kneeling for long periods of time. This bed comes with a liner to keep soil in place and allow the water to drain as well as easy-to-follow instructions for setup. This taller style will also help protect your plants from rabbits, deer, and other pests searching for a snack.

What we like:

  • Perfect option for growing an herb garden or any plants above ground in small spaces
  • Measures 34x18x30 inches with additional sizes available
  • Rated 4.4 out of 5 based on more than 1,100 reviews

Keter Urban Bloomer 22.4 Gallon Resin Plastic Wood Garden Planter Bed

Amazon, Resin Planter, CANVA, Raised garden beds


This is the Cadillac of garden beds on legs. While it does list at a more expensive price, its glowing reviews and high ratings lead us to believe it’s worth ordering. The features include an exterior wood look, bottom shelf for storage, seedling tray, water reservoir, water gauge, drainage tap, large soil capacity, and an ergonomic design. Not only that, but it’s made from 70 per cent recycled content and is 100 per cent recyclable when you decide to discard it after years of use! Customers indicate this garden bed is weatherproof, doesn’t fade in the sun, and perfectly sized for a condo balcony.

What we like:

  • Upright garden bed with a lot of practical features for optimal growing in small spaces
  • Measures 32.3x14.7x30.7 inches
  • Rated 4.5 out of 5 based on more than 1,500 reviews

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Thumbnail image courtesy Sarah Chai/Pexels

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