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Pool season is here! 5 items we recommend for pool maintenance

Thursday, May 19th 2022, 12:30 pm - There's a few things you'll need before you can start planning that pool party

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For a country famous for its winters, Canadian summers can be sweltering, depending on where you live. If you’re fortunate enough to have a pool to help keep cool, or plan on installing one this year, the spring is a good time to take stock of your pool maintenance supplies, and see whether upgrades are due. Here’s what we recommend.

Buluri Pool Skimmer Net

22-05-18 Pool Net 2


You’ll always need to scoop out any yardwork debris or fallen leaves and twigs from your backyard oasis, hence why no pool owner is ever without their pool net close at hand. We liked this set the best of all the ones we looked at. Aside from coming with a set of gloves, which is uncommon, it features a telescopic pole rather than a set of rods, and it’s one of the best-reviewed by people who purchased it from

More features we liked:

  • Telescopic pole extends up to 44.5 inches
  • Kit includes surface net, deeper leaf net, and gloves
  • Rated 4.4 out of 5 by users who purchased it from

Blue Wave 360-Degree Pool Brush

22-05-18 Pool Brush Amazon


Regular cleaning also involves giving your pool walls and floor a good brush from time to time. For that, our eyes were drawn to this interesting brush. Unlike other varieties, with their more traditional brush forms with slowly curved ends, this one features nylon bristles all the way around its length, and on the ends as well, great for really getting into corners and nooks, and can double as a deck sponge as well. It’s a touch pricier than other options, but its versatility makes up for it.

More features we liked:

  • Attaches to most standard poles (not included)
  • Nylon bristles
  • Rated 4.4 out of 5 on, based on more than 1,500 reviews

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AIPER Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

22-05-18 Pool Robot Amazon


If manual labour is not your thing, you’ve some coin to spend, and you’d like to join the cordless revolution, you can opt for an automatic pool cleaner. We liked the look of this one: a battery-operated, rechargeable bot that scoops up small leaves and yard debris from the pool bottom, while giving it a scrub for algae. Good for in-ground and above-ground pools up to 35 feet, and features a 50-minute charge.

More features we liked:

  • Stops near pool wall when cleaning is complete or battery is low, allowing for easy retrieval
  • Uses less than 0.03 kWh per use
  • Rated 4.2 out of 5 on, based on more than 500 reviews

TESPERT Pool and Spa Test Strips

22-05-18 Pool Test Kit Amazon


Regular pool maintenance also includes regular testing, and there are a number of testing kits on the market. We chose this one for its affordability, sheer number of testing strips, and longevity. Good for freshwater and saltwater pools, as well as hot tubs.

More features we liked:

  • Kit contains 125 strips, lasting for up to 24 months
  • Tests for hardness, chromium, chlorine, bromine, pH, total alkalinity and cyanuric acid
  • Rated 4.1 out of 5 on, based on more than 160 reviews

TheFitLife Expandable and Flexible Garden Hose

22-05-18 Flexible Hose Amazon


Of course, getting all that water in the pool is a task in and of itself. Why not take this opportunity to upgrade your hose while you’re at it? If you’re at all like me and are fed up with traditional inflexible rubber hoses, this expandable option is one to look at. No kinks, no coils, and easy to spool and store. It’s also the number one seller on for garden hoses, and it’s ranked very highly there.

More features we liked:

  • Four sizes available from 25-100 feet
  • Durable polyester outer coating with latex inner tube and brass fittings
  • Rated 4.4 out of 5 on, based on more than 4,000 reviews

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Our trusted Product Specialists recommend high-quality items that we think will enhance your experience with Canadian weather conditions. Prices and availability of items are accurate at the time of publication and are subject to change.

Thumbnail image credit Jakob Owens/Unsplash

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