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Ants on the march? 5 things you'll need to keep them out of your home

Wednesday, June 15th 2022, 9:00 am - It's great to see the nature's denizens venture back out into the world in the spring – but, in the case of unwanted bugs, we just prefer they do it somewhere other than inside our houses.

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Ants Pexels Egor Kamelev Egor Kamelev/Pexels

Humans aren’t the only ones getting out and stretching their legs come spring. Every kind of insect is out and about at this point, including ants, the bane of picnics and kitchens everywhere. There are home remedies for keeping them out of your home, such as white vinegar, but for something with a bit more oomph, here are five products we’d recommend to help you get ahead of these formic interlopers this season.

TERRO Ant Killer Liquid Baits

22-04-18 Ant Trap Amazon


If you haven’t been able to keep the little creatures out of your house altogether, traps are a good option. Of the options available, this one jumped out at us – the slow-acting borax-based poison is designed to attract as many to the site as possible before kicking in, maximizing the amount that are killed.

What else we liked:

  • Design keeps the liquid bait from drying out for longer, without coming into contact with your hands
  • Includes six bait stations
  • Rated 4.2 out of 5 on, based on almost 4,000 reviews

Last Crawl Diatomaceous Earth

22-04-18 Diatomaceous Earth Amazon


You might not have heard of this method, and it certainly sounds like a mouthful – diatomaceous earth is rich in ground-up prehistoric fossilized algae, called diatoms. Though microscopic to humans, these diatoms have a serious impact on tiny insects’ respiratory systems, without the use of chemical agents that could be harmful to larger creatures or plants.

What else we liked:

  • Non-toxic alternative to chemical pesticides or oils
  • Can be used both indoors or outdoors
  • Rated 4.3 out of 5 by users who purchased it on, based on around 200 reviews

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Ortho Ant B Gone Max

22-04-18 Ant Spray Canadian Tire Canadian Tire


Prevention is all very well and good, but if a few have already made it inside, you’ll need a good spray on hand. There are a few out there, but of the ones we looked at, this one from Ortho was among the most popular. It’s available from Amazon, but you can get it online from Canadian Tire at a considerably cheaper price, which we recommend.

What else we liked:

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • For best results, use on ant trails, ant nests, door and window frames, baseboards and storage areas
  • Well-reviewed by users who bought it from Canadian Tire, with a 4.4 out of 5 rating

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PinPine Peppermint Essential Oil

22-04-18 Essential oils Etsy


Like most bugs, ants aren’t fans of essential oils, and many insect-repellent products rely on them as their active ingredient. When shopping around, we liked this peppermint-based variety best. When mixed with water and used in a cotton ball, placing it around entry points to your home can keep the intruders out. Keep in mind, however, that some oils can be harmful to pets and young children, so if you’ve either in the house, it would be best to look for other solutions.

What else we liked:

  • Made-in-Canada by Toronto-based PinPineNaturals
  • Can also be used in diffusers, DIY air fresheners, perfumes and beauty products
  • Seller has a 5-star rating on

ORTHO Ant B Gon MAX Ant Killer Granules

22-04-18 Granules home depot Home Hardware


We’ve covered prevention and spot-treatment, but if you know where the ants are coming from, why not hit them at the source? Granules, like these from ORTHO, placed around an anthill will be carried into the colony by the insects themselves, killing them both above and below ground. They can also be sprinkled around some areas as a kind of perimeter protection. Be sure to read the instructions carefully to avoid damage to your lawn or danger to pets and children.

What else we liked:

  • Kills most kinds of ants
  • Ideal for use around homes and outdoor structures such as decks, patios, pathways and driveways
  • Rated 4.4 out of 5 among users who purchased it from Home Hardware

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Thumbnail image courtesy Egor Kamelev/Pexels

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