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Dangerous, potentially record-breaking, heat ahead for parts of the Prairies

Thursday, June 24th 2021, 9:42 am - Relatively mild temperatures will give way to a heat wave that kicks off in earnest this weekend. Use caution when outdoors, risks increase for human-caused wildfires.

Storm risk subsides Thursday, with temperatures trending a bit on the cooler side for parts of the western Prairies, but dangerously hot conditions are ahead: An extended period of record-setting warm temperatures starts this weekend, with daytime highs set to soar well into the 30s for the western part of the region, and possibly closer to 40°C for some. For a closer look, see below.

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A quick shot of cooler weather beckons for the Prairies, though that's not to say it will be unpleasant.

Southern parts of Saskatchewan and Alberta will see daytime highs in the low 20s, possibly dipping slightly below 20°C here and there for the more southern areas. In Manitoba and more northern areas, the mid-to-high 20s will be the norm, with manageable humidity not making it feel much warmer than that.

Prairie temperatures

The skies won't be completely clear across the region: a round of rain showers is possible across southern Alberta and Saskatchewan, though not with excessive amounts.

PR Rain (2)


Those relatively mild temperatures will shortly give way to a heat wave that kicks off in earnest this weekend, and will dominate through the Canada Day holiday next Thursday.

A strong ridge is forecast to bring oppressive, dangerous, and even record-breaking heat to the Prairies.

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Temperatures will start to increase over the weekend, set to peak through the early part of next week. Daytime highs will reach the mid-30s for all of Alberta, with the potential for some places to even near or surpass 40°C.

PR heat

The heat will continue through most of the week, with Saskatchewan seeing temperatures into the mid-30s in both southern and central sections as well. Although the extreme heat doesn't quite reach southern Manitoba, it will still be above seasonal, with temperatures hovering in the low 30s next week.

The heat also ignites fears of human-caused wildfires. Residents are urged to exercise caution when outdoors. There are numerous ways human activity can start wildfires, some of which include open burning, the use of engines or vehicles, dropping burning substances such as cigarettes, or any number of other human-related activities that can create a spark or a heat source sufficient to ignite a wildfire. The most important factor of person-caused fires is that they are preventable. Click here to find out more about fire safety.

Be sure to check back for the latest updates on this record-setting heat setting up over the Prairies.

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