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Severe storm hits campground northwest of Calgary, hospitalizing 3 teens

Saturday, July 25th 2020, 3:11 pm - Four ambulances responded to the scene and found that a tree had fallen as result of thunderstorm.

Three teenage boys were rushed to hospital Friday night after a severe thunderstorm hit the campground they were staying at, causing a tree to fall on their tent.

"We had 30 or 40 trees that were knocked down," said Duane Needham, who works at the Bottrel Store and Campground. "Three kids in a tent, they were all injured."

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EMS spokesman Adam Loria said a call came in at about 4:45 p.m. Friday, and paramedics responded to the Bottrel campground, which is located northwest of Calgary, with four ambulances.

"When we arrived at the scene there, the paramedics did determine that a tree did fall or collapse onto a tent, and inside this tent were three male teens," Loria said.

Bottrel general store in Alberta/CBC The front porch at the Bottrel Store and Campground. A storm hit the area Friday night, causing a tree to fall on a tent where three teenage boys were staying. (Dan McGarvey/CBC)

One teen sustained multiple serious injuries, but his condition was considered non-life-threatening, Loria said. He was transported to the Foothills Medical Centre.

The other two teens were transported to the Alberta Children's Hospital in stable condition.

Loria couldn't provide additional info on how the tree fell, or additional updates on the status of the teens.

Needham, who is 70, said he's never seen a storm in the area like this in his life.

"The hail was so thick, you couldn't see through it," he said.

Thumbnail courtesy of Dan McGarvey/CBC.

The story was written by Joel Dryden, originally published for


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