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See how sweltering summer weather challenges professional athletes

Friday, August 5th 2022, 8:05 pm - The Weather Network’s Victoria Fenn Alvarado caught up with professional sprinter Andre De Grasse to see how weather affects his performance.

The Weather Network caught up with six-time Olympic medalist Andre De Grasse to see how world-class athletes handle the added challenge of competing in the heat of summer.

De Grasse told TWN’s Victoria Fenn Alvarado that he doesn’t mind the heat much at all after training in Florida. “I like temperatures to be kinda in the 20-degree range. It’s easier to warm up. You feel more fluid,” he said.

Some weather is just too hot, though.

De Grasse recently competed in hot weather at the World Athletics Championships in Oregon. He and several other Canadian athletes had to withdraw from this year’s Commonwealth Games in Birmingham because of the tight turnaround and high heat in Europe.

Watch the video above to see how professional sprinters handle different conditions—and De Grasse’s chance to give a weather forecast of his own!

Thumbnail courtesy of Ben Soyka via Unsplash.

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