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Why March is so dangerous when it comes to avalanches

Monday, March 1st 2021, 1:39 pm - Statistics suggest most avalanche-related deaths happen in March

Did you know that the deadliest month for avalanches in Canada is March?

According to Avalanche Canada, 27% of all avalanche fatalities in this country happen during this month.

Three major factors that contribute to this statistic include: a complex snowpack that’s developed during winter, a destabilized snowpack due to warming temperatures, and an increase in mountain accessibility that takes place in March.

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To help keep Canadians safe, Avalanche Canada recently launched Avy Savvy, a new online tutorial geared at backcountry beginners. The program is aimed at new users of the winter backcountry and provides a solid introduction to avalanche safety.

“It’s vital for anyone venturing into the winter backcountry to have a full appreciation of the challenges involved,” explains Gilles Valade, Avalanche Canada’s Executive Director. “Travelling in avalanche terrain demands awareness and preparation. Avy Savvy provides a great first step in avalanche safety education.”

Avy Savvy is not a substitute for taking an AST course, but it will give you a leg up when you do.

If you and your family plan on hitting the slopes this month, be sure to watch the video above for best — and potentially life-saving — practices provided by Avalanche Canada Forecaster, Colin Garritty.


Thumbnail image courtesy: Pixabay/Jacky73490

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