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Here's why you should re-think glitter this holiday season

Wednesday, December 2nd 2020, 2:28 pm - Glitter may look joyful, but it isn't all fun and games

The Holiday season is upon us, and for some, that means lights, decorations ... and glitter?

You may want to rethink the last one.

Tim Gray, the executive director of Environmental Defence, says tiny flecks of glitter can pose problems for the environment.

Many people don't realize that glitter is tiny plastic pieces -- or microplastics -- that don't break down in the environment.

"If they end up in our water or end up going down your drain when they get washed off things, they go right through the sewage plant and into our lakes and oceans," Gray says.

"And then into wildlife. Fish eat them, and eventually, they are taken up into the food chain. It's very damaging."

Parts of the U.K. have banned the use of glitter in some places. And some large retailers have announced they won't be selling any glittered products this holiday season.

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While there have been no major movements to curb glitter usage in Canada, small steps have been taken.

"Here in B.C., the Richmond Arts Centrehas received some media attention for their push to ban glitter," says Weather Network reporter Mia Gordon.

"The ban started in June 2019, and organizers commented that it was the movement in the U.K. that helped spark this push in Richmond."

This season try and limit, or avoid, glitter.

The holidays have enough natural sparkle that we can all safely enjoy.

Thumbnail image courtesy of Pixabay.

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