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Here's why you should re-think glitter this holiday season

Tuesday, December 7th 2021, 10:58 am - The holidays have enough natural sparkle that we can all safely enjoy.

The holiday season is upon us and for some, that means lights, decorations ... and glitter.

While glitter can help brighten up the mood this time of year, it's important to point out the potential trickle-down impacts that can come with using conventional glitter.

Many people don't realize that glitter is essentially just tiny pieces of plastic -- or microplastics -- that don't break down in the environment.

"If they end up in our water, or end up going down your drain, when they get washed off things, they go right through the sewage plant and into our lakes and oceans... and then into wildlife," explains Tim Gray, the executive director of Environmental Defence. "Fish eat them, and eventually, they are taken up into the food chain. It's very damaging."

A primary school in the U.K. banned the use of glitter in 2019, with some large retailers following suit, announcing they'd also do away with all the conventional glitz.

While there's been no major movements to curb the pollutant in Canada, it is encouraged to find eco-friendly alternatives that can be just as festive.

To learn more about the environmentally harmful impacts of glitter, watch the video above.

Thumbnail image courtesy of Pixabay.

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