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Sea foam floods streets in Spanish town after Storm Gloria

Wednesday, January 22nd 2020, 6:02 pm - Storm Gloria brought torrential rain, snow, and powerful wind gusts over 110 km/h to several countries in Europe.

The town of Tossa de Mar, which is located north of Barcelona in Spain, has faced massive amounts of sea foam flooding the streets after Storm Gloria swept through the region on January 19.

Powerful winds from Storm Gloria brought ashore what seems like endless amounts of sea foam that formed by the agitation of organic matter in seawater. The foam stuck to the walls of buildings as it engulfed the coastal town and has prevented people from travelling through the impacted streets.

The video above shows the foam flowing like the ocean and the tidal surge travelled at least three kilometres inland. Torrential rain, strong winds that have gusts over 110 km/h, and snow have caused extensive damages to various cities across Spain, France, and Morroco and at least nine fatalities.

Over 220,000 people were left without power in Spain’s Tarragona region and rescuers are searching for four missing people, including a man from Britain that disappeared while riding a motorbike in northern Ibiza.

Towering waves reached heights of 13.5 metres and Dani Palacios, the head of beach services for Barcelona in the northeast, says that Storm Gloria ranks as the worst sea storm since 2003.

Sources: Reuters | The Guardian

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