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Rare wolf attack injures visitor, shuts down Banff campground

Saturday, August 10th 2019, 3:27 pm - The Banff campground will remain closed until a full investigation is completed

A Banff National Park camper was injured and taken to hospital Friday after a wolf attacked their tent, in what public officials are calling a rare incident.

On early Friday morning, Parks Canada was alerted to the incident at the Rampart Creek Campground near the Icefields Parkway, according to its news release. As a result of the attack, the animal was killed and the site was closed.

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It was reported the wolf pounced on the tent and inflicted hand and arm injuries on the person inside. There were no wildlife attractants or food found nearby. The camper was transferred to a hospital in Banff.

BanffParksCanada Rampart Creek Campground is currently closed because of the wolf attack Friday. Photo: Parks Canada.

The animal believed to be responsible for the attack was located about one kilometre south of the campground and was put down by Parks Canada.

It appears to be an isolated incident and events like these are very rare, according to federal agency. As a safety precaution, the campground will remain closed until a full investigation is completed.

Dr. Gilbert Proulx, of Alberta Wildlife Research Management Ltd., told the Calgary Herald he was extremely surprised to hear of the incident, as wolves typically shy away from humans.

“It’s quite unusual; it would be the first such case I’ve heard of (in Alberta) of wolves being so aggressive,” said Proulx.

Any wildlife sightings can be reported to Banff Dispatch at 403-762-1473.

Sources: CBC | Calgary Herald


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