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How tech companies could help prevent hot car deaths

Tuesday, July 16th 2019, 3:40 pm - Every year we hear tragic stories about children being forgotten in the back seat of vehicles. Now tech companies are hoping to find a solution to what's known as 'Forgotten Baby Syndrome'.

It's sadly a headline we see way too often in the news: a baby has been found lifeless after being left in a hot car for too long.

Since began keeping records in 1998, there have been more than 800 deaths in the U.S. attributed to Pediatric Vehicular Heatstroke. While no such statistics exist in Canada, we do hear about similar stories here at home nearly every summer.

While some might argue these tragic events are due to irresponsibility, the sad truth is it can happen to anyone. To help prevent such cases, tech companies around the world are now trying to come up with a solution. Reporter Mia Gordon with the exclusive details in the video above.

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