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Polar vortex encases Antarctica as 130°C global temperature polarity emerged

Tuesday, June 15th 2021, 6:04 am - Two global temperature stories are jostling for your attention.

There's a significant temperature story unravelling across Antarctica as a Southern Hemisphere polar vortex churns across the desolate continent.

On June 14th, -81.7°C was measured in Antarctica at the Dome Fuji Station, just over a degree from the minimum temperature record. The Jase-2007 station teetered towards a temperature record, coming within a fraction of a degree. These temperatures are a few degrees cooler than dry ice, or frozen carbon dioxide.


Antarctica is known for extreme temperature ranges, with more than 110°C difference of temperature measured across the continent covered in 98 per cent ice.


Closer to home, Phoenix, Ariz., is no stranger to the heat, with temperatures regularly soaring into the 40s during the summer months. But this forecast heat wave is different; it’s not so much the intensity, but rather the longevity.

Five consecutive days above 46°C have never occurred in the city, and the forecast is for precisely that:


A massive ridge of high pressure will stagnantly sit across the western U.S., compounding the exceptional and extreme drought conditions across the area.


Temperatures are forecast to be even warmer in Furnace Creek, Death Valley. Aptly named, daytime highs are forecast to push past 52°C -- with overnight lows remaining above 36°C.

That forecast overnight low temperature in California is a couple of degrees warmer than Vancouver, B.C.'s record high temperature set on July 30th, 2009 at 34.4°C.

What happens in Vegas won't stay in Vegas.

The upper ridge associated with the heat wave will extend into British Columbia – the axis of the upper-level ridge reaches the Pacific Northwest this weekend, bumping temperatures into the 30°C for some locales.

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