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'Highly unusual' Pink Pearl apples could one day come to a store near you

Monday, November 18th 2019, 1:23 pm - Crunchy on the outside, tarty juiciness on the inside: we taste-test an apple of the future.

It's highly unusual and you won't see a lot of these out in the world in general -- and certainly not on grocery store shelves.

The Pink Pearl is one of over 1,000 varieties of apples being grown at an experimental orchard in Kentville, Nova Scotia as part of its apple biodiversity collection.

IMG 9544 (Pink Pearl apple grown in an orchard in Kentville, N.S., that boasts more than 1,000 varieties of apples. Courtesy: Nathan Coleman)

"The main reason we don't see these on the grocery store shelves, these ones with the pink flesh, is that they have other attributes that are really not desirable," explains Dr Sean Myles, an associate professor of agriculture at Dalhousie.

IMG 9536 (Pink Pearl apple. Courtesy: Nathan Coleman)

One of the main reasons they can't be found on grocery shelves now is because they aren't disease resistant enough. But over time, breeders hope to improve these varieties enough that they could eventually start selling on the public market.

While it can take many years to successfully breed a new variety of apple, I was given the rare opportunity to taste-test this experimental fruit. Watch the video above to see how I liked them apples.

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