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How one storm brought snow, record-breaking heat, and a 50ºC spread

Tuesday, October 1st 2019, 7:25 pm - One system. Lots of weather.

A single weather system has brought dramatically different weather to parts of Canada -- from close to 100 cm of snow on the Prairies, to the warmest October day on record in the city of Toronto.

The culprit is a Colorado low that brought cool air into the Prairies over the weekend, then went on to push toward Hudson Bay and drag July-like heat into southern Ontario as it moved east, steered by the jet stream.

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The highly-amplified jet stream pattern -- one with a major trough in the west, and a ridge in the east -- helped to maintain an intense temperature contrast across the country on Tuesday. On October 1, Canada was home to a staggering temperature contrast: A 50-degree spread between the country's hot and cold spots.


While there are other countries in the world that can see that kind of a split, not many of them manage it on the same day.

Toronto's high of 31.2ºC is a new unofficial record for all of October, and a humidex value of 39 is also likely to smash the October record in the city. In frosty Claresholm, the afternoon high did manage to climb to -2ºC

Check out how Canadians handled our land of contrasts, in photos:



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