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PHOTOS: Surprise landspout tornado spotted in Saskatchewan

Tuesday, May 17th 2022, 11:18 pm - A landspout tornado was observed near Keeler, Sask., Tuesday night after a line of severe thunderstorms tracked through the province.

Many Saskatchewan residents were a bit surprised, to say the least, at the sighting of a tornado on Tuesday evening.

The landspout tornado was reported to have occurred near Keeler, Sask., (around Highway 42) Tuesday evening as a severe thunderstorm tracked just south of the aforementioned community at 40 km/h. Severe thunderstorm warnings were in place at the time.

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A small-scale low-pressure system confined to southern Saskatchewan was responsible for helping set off the thunderstorms, some of which reached severe limits as they moved eastward across the province.

While the tornado hasn't been confirmed by Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) or the Northern Tornadoes Project (NTP), numerous videos and photos posted online clearly showed the funnel touching the ground. More information may be posted Wednesday.

Near Keeler, Sask., tornado/Mike Tisdall/Twitter (Mike Tisdall/Twitter).

The landspout twister comes on the heels of Canada's first tornado in 2022, occurring on Sunday in Casselman, a village in eastern Ontario, southeast of Ottawa. It was rated as an EF-0 with no injuries or damage reported.

It didn't take long for photos and videos of Saskatchewan's first tornado this year to surface on social media. Below are some of the visuals that are circulating so far.

Thumbnail courtesy of Mike Tisdall/Twitter.

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