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PHOTOS: Multiple tornadoes, huge hail hit the Prairies

Thursday, June 30th 2022, 9:05 am - Eye-witness reports and photos confirm that damage to power lines and trees occurred.


Severe thunderstorms tracked through the Prairies on Wednesday evening and Environment Canada and Climate Change (ECCC) confirmed that at least three tornadoes occurred in Saskatchewan.

The first tornado occurred at approximately 3:05 pm CST near Manitou Beach.

The second tornado was confirmed near Margo at approximately 4:55 pm CST.

The third tornado occurred at approximately 5:25 pm CST near Cymric.

Eye-witness reports and photos were used by ECCC to confirm the tornadoes. Currently, damage to power lines and trees has been reported in the Foam Lake area.

The three tornadoes have been given a preliminary rating of EF-0, but this could change as the investigation continues.

“Environment Canada meteorologists are seeking pictures of any damage these tornadoes may have caused. Should you have any information regarding these events, or to report severe weather at any time, please call 1-800-239-0484, send an email to, or tweet to #skstorm,” states ECCC.

The storms also produced reports of very large hail across the region. Photos out of western Manitoba showed hail as large as baseballs pelted communities in the path of the storms.


Wednesday’s tornadoes bring the Prairies’ total confirmed tornado count for the year up to at least eight. The Prairies average about 42 confirmed twisters every year. 2021 was an exceptionally quiet year for tornado activity across the region, with just 15 tornadoes confirmed between Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

See below for a look at the severe storms that ripped across the Prairies.



Thumbnail credit: Twitter | @lesleyraekelly

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