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PHOTOS: Menacing shelf clouds darken Manitoba skies during severe storms

Monday, August 15th 2022, 10:19 pm - The skies were darkened by shelf clouds near and in Winnipeg, Man., Monday evening as a line of severe storms quickly raced through the southern part of the province.

A low-pressure system combined with an unstable air mass led to an environment favourable for severe thunderstorms on the eastern Prairies Monday. Some of them prompted tornado warnings in parts of southern Manitoba, but nothing has been confirmed and they have been dropped.

It was a familiar scene in Manitoba, part of a stormy pattern that has plagued the Prairies for a good portion of the summer.

Winnipeg shelf cloud/UGC (Diane Hammerling/Twitter, taken in Winnipeg, Man.)

There were reports of different sizes of hail, heavy downpours, strong wind gusts and frequent lightning in Manitoba Monday.

As the storms continued rolling south Monday evening, they produced scary-looking sheld clouds as they raced around and through Winnipeg, Man. Severe thunderstorm warnings were issued for the major city.

The risk for storms will resurface in parts of Saskatchewan and Manitoba Tuesday, but should remain non-severe in nature.

Below is a selection of visuals that surfaced on social media as the severe storms tracked through southern Manitoba, including near and in Winnipeg.

WATCH: Why Prairie storms seemed to last a bit longer this weekend

Thumbnail courtesy of Diane Hammerling/Twitter, taken in Winnipeg, Man.

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