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Wildlife enthusiasts accomplish a feat few birders or photographers have done

Wednesday, June 22nd 2022, 8:35 am - Candid Closeup is a weekly segment that features Canadians from coast to coast who love to share their weather. In this episode, The Weather Network's Kim MacDonald speaks to Calgary residents and outdoor enthusiasts Kyle Matthews and Kamala Diaz. One of their claims to fame is finding and photographing all 12 species of owls native to Alberta.

Kyle Matthews and Kamala Diaz have found a way to combine their passion for photography with their love of wildlife.

Kyle is from Alberta while Kamala is from Peru. The couple call Calgary home and have made it their mission to ethically find and photograph as many species as possible.

In this episode of Candid Closeup, the pair tell Kim MacDonald about how an unfortunate accident, a photographic memory and an obsession with owls helped lead them down a path to professional photography.

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