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'Icy P': Snow sculpture earns nod from a Toronto Raptor

Friday, January 24th 2020, 12:46 pm - Built on Sunday, the snow sculpture is still standing, despite above-freezing temperatures.

Toronto Raptor Pascal Siakam is making headlines after being announced as an All-Star game starter.

The 25-year-old finished third in Eastern Conference fan voting. After media and player votes were counted, the Cameroon native was granted the spot.

The Raptors community has been cheering on Siakam for some time now.

Case in point: This incredible snow sculpture made in his honour by Waterloo resident Matt Morris.

"Pascal Siakam has an amazing spin move," Matt Morris said in a Twitter video that's been viewed nearly 200,000 times.

"So my 7’ snow sculpture tribute to him had to spin."

Siakam re-tweeted the video, elevating it to viral status.

Morris is a seasoned snow sculptor, who has been creating in his yard for eight years.

He tells The Weather Network he's made hundreds of pieces over the years.

Morris says the "Icy P" took about 4 hours to complete outdoors, but prior to that he spent about 30 hours on a small plasticine model to ensure he got the angles correct.

He says he welcomes tips from the community.

"A recent suggestion that I'm now wrestling with is apparently there's this thing called 'baby Yoda' that's big," he says.

"So I'm going to check to see if that might be a crowd-pleaser."

Morris had a lot of material to work with Sunday: The previous day, the Waterloo region received 16 centimetres of snow, setting a new daily snowfall record for the area.

As of Thursday, the sculpture remained upright -- albeit a little wobbly, due to above-freezing temperatures.

Keep scrolling for photos of Morris' previous work. Visit Snowbank Productions for more photos.


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