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'Out of control' wildfire prompts emergency alert west of Calgary

Tuesday, October 6th 2020, 8:50 pm - Fire started at Devil's Head summit and is now travelling southeast near Ghost River

An emergency alert has been issued in the Municipal District of Bighorn after a wildfire that started north of Lake Minnewanka was deemed "out of control" early Tuesday.

The fire began at Devil's Head, a summit about 75 kilometres northwest of Calgary. It is travelling southeast through the Ghost River region and was situated about 20 km west of the hamlet of Benchlands, as of Tuesday morning.

Alberta Emergency Alert says those in the following areas should prepare to evacuate on short notice:

  • Richard's Road.
  • Highway 40.
  • Summer Village of Waiparous.
  • Hamlet of Benchlands.
  • Richard's and Pears Road.
  • Ghost Country Place.
  • West Jamieson Road.
  • As of Tuesday morning, there are no structures at risk.

Follow the M.D. of Bighorn's website for updates, as well as Road Report information and Alberta Wildfire.

Fire west of Calgary - Oct. 6. Alberta Emergency Alert has issued a map of the areas affected by the wildfire. (Alberta Emergency Alert)

Ghost River fire - Oct. 6

This article was originally published for CBC News.

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