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Congratulations or condolences? Ottawa smashes snowy record

Monday, April 8th 2019, 5:55 pm - Congratulations are in order, Ottawa.

This one's a record befitting the capital of 'The True North'.

As of April 8th, 2019, Ottawa's had at least 1 cm of snow on the ground since November 13th of last year -- making it 147 days (and counting) since the first flakes coated the ground.

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The city has recorded nearly 300 cm of snow (294.7 cm so far) since November, with a hefty 101.8 of that falling in January alone. To put that in context, the average snowfall from November through April is just shy of 220 cm. And there's still more on the way this week.

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It's safe to say that Ottawa residents' feelings are mixed on this achievement, but a scan through social media (especially some of the language used) suggests many are ready to put the shovels away for the season.

At least one Ottawa resident took a more philosophical approach, though.

With about 5 more centimetres of snow on the way for Tuesday, it's hard to say how many more days will be tacked onto the streak, but as average temperatures climb up into the double digits and April rain showers take over from the snowy variety, it's likely what's left of those snowbanks will be long-melted memories before the end of April.

Just for the record, though, Ottawa does average 0.2 cm of snow in May.


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