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Ontario: Spring-like weekend ahead as high pressure dominates

Wednesday, February 19th 2020, 7:20 am - Snow squalls will meander across southern Ontario through Thursday ahead of a gorgeous spring-like weekend ahead.

The rest of this week's snow threat looks largely confined to the traditional snowbelt areas, though with bands of lake-effect snow bringing brief bursts of heavier snow to into the Greater Toronto Area at times as well. Accumulations will be minimal across the south, but Thursday will feature the coldest weather of the week for the region. Beyond that, the driest stretch of winter is on the horizon as some gorgeous spring-like conditions shape up in time for the weekend. More on just how warm things get, below.


  • Narrow bands of heavier lake-effect snow are likely across the traditional snowbelts southeast of Georgian Bay and Lake Huron through Thursday
  • Brief bursts of heavier snow in the GTA on Wednesday, though with minimal accumulation expected
  • Temperatures plunge Thursday, but rebound once again Friday, followed by spring-like weather for the weekend
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Unlike Tuesday morning's widespread snow that greatly impacted commute times across southern Ontario, the next chances for snow this week will be mostly confined to the traditional snowbelt regions southeast of Georgian Bay and Lake Huron.

Cold air blowing over the still-unfrozen Great Lakes is the perfect ingredient for lake-effect snow.

The winds will be shifting throughout the day on Wednesday, however, such that it's unlikely that individual bands will stay in one spot long enough for a significant lake-effect blast. Areas north of Kincardine look to pick up the heaviest amounts through Thursday with more than 20 cm possible by the time all this comes to an end.

ON Snow

"At times these bands will bring brief bursts of heavier snow into the GTA, but just with a dusting to 2 cm of accumulation expected," says Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham.

Temperature-wise, Thursday is set to be the coldest day this week as daytime highs in the negative single digits will feel like -10 or colder thanks to the wind chill.

Narrow bands of lake-effect snow will also likely persist across the traditional snowbelt areas through parts of Thursday.


By Friday, temperatures will rebound tremendously as high pressure dominates throughout the weekend.

"We'll be seeing our longest stretch of dry weather so far this winter as conditions look to remain calm from Friday right through next Tuesday," says meteorologist Tyler Hamilton. "This will be a gorgeous weekend, especially by winter standards."

Abundant sunshine coupled with well above seasonal temperatures will certainly put a spring-like feel on both Saturday and Sunday.

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This won't be the signal for an early spring, however, as much colder weather is expected by the second half of next week and into the start of March as well.

Stay with us here at The Weather Network for all your latest forecast update.

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