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The last of a 1920s amusement park ride in Niagara was destroyed by the storm

Tuesday, November 17th 2020, 2:30 pm - The Airplane Ride base at the old Erie Beach park was destroyed by the aggressive winds that howled across Southern Ontario.

On Sunday, November 15, 2020, hurricane-force winds shook up Southern Ontario. Strong winds were accompanied by heavy rain and thunderstorms.

The destructive conditions were captured by residents across the area. Unfortunately, the storm took down the Airplane Ride base, one of Niagara's historical monuments.

Erie Beach Grove Amusement Park in Fort Erie existed between 1887-1930.

The park was located along Lake Erie approximately a mile west from the old town of Fort Erie in Ontario.

Though located in Canada, the park was mostly used by Buffalo residents. The park provided ferry services between Buffalo and Fort Erie.

The park included a lakefront promenade, midway concessions, a casino, swimming pools, roller coasters, a hotel, two stadiums for circus acts and equestrian shows.

Before the area was transformed into an amusement park, it was a picnic area.

By the 1920s, the park owners, W.B. Pierce, Edwin Baxter, Benjamin Baxter, F.J. Weber, Frank Bardol, and J. Homan Pardee, turned the space into an expansive fantasy land.

Unfortunately, Erie Beach Grove lost customer traffic due to competition from Crystal Beach Amusement, a nearby park.

In 1929, things got worse. The stock market crash and the Great Depression forced the amusement park to shut its gates for good.

In 2008, a concrete promenade was built so people can stroll through the ruins of the amusement park.

The Airplane Ride base was one of the most distinctive remnants.

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