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Ontario: Weekend temperatures set to soar well above seasonal

Thursday, February 20th 2020, 8:59 pm - The warming temperatures will accompany clear skies that will bring a well-deserved dose of sunshine.

Warm weather is on the way to southern Ontario this weekend and some regions are even seeing the chance for temperatures to be closer to the 10-degree mark than to 0°C. While the balmy weather will be a dramatic change from the chilly temperatures that the region saw at the beginning of the week, it does not mean that is a signal for an early spring. Details and timing on the incoming warmth, below.


  • Temperatures will rise throughout the weekend, nearing double digits by Sunday
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The high pressure system that was over Ontario is tracking southeast, which will give way to warmer air that is moving up from the southern United States.

This persistent air will influence the temperatures in southern Ontario for multiple days in a row and will give the region an early taste of spring.

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The warm incoming air, paired with minimal clouds in the sky, will make temperatures start to climb during the day on Saturday.


Temperatures will drop during the overnight hours on Saturday due to the lack of cloud cover, but the warm conditions will return on Sunday, which is expected to be the warmest day of the weekend.

"This will be a gorgeous weekend, especially by winter standards," says Weather Network meteorologist Tyler Hamilton.


Although it will be very warm, there are currently no cities in southern Ontario that are seeing the chance of breaking a daily high temperature record on either day this weekend.

On February 23, 2017 several cities in southern Ontario broke temperature records: 19.3°C in Windsor, 17.7°C in Toronto, and 11.7°C in Ottawa.


The balmy conditions are not a signal for an early spring, however, as much colder weather is expected by the second half of next week and into the start of March, along with a more wintry pattern and some unsettled weather.

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