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Ontario: Pleasant Sunday as snowy system stays south of the border

Saturday, November 23rd 2019, 8:45 pm - Have you needed your sunglasses yet this month? Get ready for a brief dose of some Vitamin D this weekend

The cloudy weekend continues in southern Ontario with glimpses of sunshine expected on Sunday. Temperatures throughout the region will be seasonal, however, the calm weather will be interrupted by a system that is expected to bring heavy rain snow to the province next week. We take a look at when you'll be able to soak up the vitamin D, and when the rain returns, below.

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  • Cloudly Sunday with breaks of sunshine
  • Colorado low takes aim on region for midweek
  • Cold pattern locks in for early December
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A potent system tracking south of the Great Lakes will miss southern Ontario and bring significant snow south of the international border. Ontario will see pleasant conditions on Sunday due to a southerly flow that will continue to bring the warmth until Wednesday, which will then be interrupted by the next system that is threatening to bring active weather to the region.

High pressure edging into the Great Lakes for Monday will make for a quiet start to the new workweek. Still, forecasters are closely watching a Colorado low expected to take aim on Ontario by Wednesday.

While the system won't develop until early Tuesday, initial computer model guidance suggests the storm will bring strong winds and bouts of heavy rain into the Great Lakes region through Wednesday. This will make for a very wet -- and snowy, for some -- midweek across southern and central Ontario.


"This system should bring rain and mild temperatures across the south, but a band of heavy snow is expected northwest of the storm track," says The Weather Network's Dr. Doug Gillham. "At this point, it looks like this will target the Nickel Belt region, with the potential for major travel impacts."

The potential for more wintry weather is set to return for the start of December as a widespread cold pattern develops across much of Canada and an active storm track locks in over the Great Lakes.

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