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Why wine and tomatoes thrive in Ontario, California, and Europe

Thursday, July 11th 2019, 5:41 pm - Southern Ontario, California, Italy and the French Riviera share a unique global connection that we all get to enjoy.

Southern Ontario is situated in a very unique region. The 43 and 42 circle of latitude cross south of the province. This area is also extended through California, Italy and the French Riviera.

All of these locations have something in common: an incredible harvest! You can buy a delicious bottle of wine produced in each of these places or enjoy a succulent tomato fresh from the field.

Of course in Canada we battle a tough winter, but because of this latitude the sunlight we see in the summertime makes up for the freezing conditions in the winter and allows this area to still produce an incredible harvest.

So the next time someone asks how an Ontario wine could possibly compare to one blended in Italy, you have the answer! It has to do with latitude! Reporter Rachel Schoutsen with the details in the video that leads this article.

Thumbnail image source: Pexels

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