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Canada's only 2020 air show features unique, world-class pilots

Sunday, September 13th 2020, 9:30 pm - Most air shows in Canada have been cancelled, only "Airshow London" took to the skies.

On September 12 and 13th, "Airshow London" officially became the only Canadian air show in 2020.

Air shows, like most events and regularly scheduled fun programming, have been cancelled due to COVID-19. The city of London, in partnership with the Royal Canadian Air Force and the United States Air Force, pulled off a successful and unprecedented air show.

Someone definitely had a good time naming the show, as it was dubbed "Skydrive." The event presumably got its name due to its pandemic-friendly set-up.

Instead of the crowds that an air show usually draws, Skydrive featured 2,000 physically-distant drive-in spots.

The demonstration featured teams that have never flown in one show together because they are usually performing around North America.

The event was a success, and some families seem to have preferred the controlled environment, sharing, “We got a car loaded with snacks, we got our chairs, it's the best I think out of all the years we have been.”

Thumbnail credit @Airshowlondon

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