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Here are some things that happened during New York's power outage

Monday, July 15th 2019, 2:44 pm - Subways came to a halt in New York City Saturday night when a blackout hit Manhattan.

The outage started in the evening, with power restored just after midnight. About 73,000 customers in Midtown and the Upper West Side were impacted.

The incident forced several broadway cancellations, and singer Jennifer Lopez had to reschedule a Saturday concert for Monday night.

While some described the conditions as "chaotic," others tried to make the best out of the situation. Some displaced broadway stars took their shows to the streets:

And the Carniegie Hall choir put on an impromptu concert as well.

Meanwhile, one couple took the opportunity to take some once-in-a-lifetime wedding photos:

The blackout came on the anniversary of a 1977 outage, which occurred between the 13th and 14th of July.

The cause of the 2019 outage remains under investigation.

On Sunday, Con Edison energy company released a statement apologizing for the incident.

“Con Edison sincerely regrets the power disruption to our customers on the west side of Manhattan last night and will be conducting a diligent and vigorous investigation to determine the root cause of the incident," it said.

“Over the next several days and weeks, our engineers and planners will carefully examine the data and equipment performance relating to this event, and will share our findings with regulators and the public. We applaud the work of all emergency responders and our employees who helped restore power swiftly and keep the public safe. We also commend the patience and understanding of all New Yorkers who remained calm and poised during this incident.”

No major injuries or deaths have been linked to the incident, but the outage created dangerous conditions for emergency vehicles, which were forced to navigate dark streets without traffic lights, prompting some citizens to help out by directing traffic.

The FDNY was called to rescue several people trapped in high-rise elevators.

“You just can’t have a power outage of this magnitude in this city. It is too dangerous. The potential for public safety risk and chaos is too high. We just can’t have a system that does this,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo told reporters via CBS News.

Cuomo said he is working with Con Ed to determine why a backup system was not in place, and how one can set up in the future.

He has also ordered an independent investigation, CBS reports.

Sources: Twitter | CBS News | CNN (video)


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